Everything starts with technology

The molding department now has 21 injection presses with tonnages from 70 to 530 tons, of which six are for bi-material molding with Index technology or rotary table.
All of our presses are equipped with robots for picking up pieces and automatic waste, grinders, dehumidifiers, and temperature control units.
The coloring of the materials, when needed, takes place on a machine with Koch volumetric dosers or Piovan 4-way gravimetric dosers.
The department has a centralized aspiration system by Moretto.

The production process has been designed and developed to ensure not only a significant reduction in costs but also extreme care and attention to the quality of the printed items.
The department is in operation 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, for an average production of 20,000,000 pieces per month.
Some of our molds are managed with Kistler sensors to monitor the injection phases and the repeatability of the components.
We are also specialized in the production of technical parts co-molded with metals or electrical tracks, such as connectors.
The department is monitored with an OEE index through a state-of-the-art IT system that controls each work center in real time.
The molding department is managed in 4.0, in such a way as to be able to schedule all production through software, automatically download customers’ orders, and send them directly to the department.
We keep track and store all process parameters of every single cycle on 15 machines.