Specialized in the moulding of technopolymers

We at AlfagiPlast have always been driven by the inclination towards innovation, growth and technological investment.

The moulding department now has 24 injection presses, equipped with electric robots, with tonnages ranging from 70 to 530 tons. Eight of these are bi-material with Index technology or rotary table and five have hybrid or full electric technology.

All presses are equipped with electric robots for picking up pieces and automatic waste.

The coloring of the materials, when needed, takes place on a machine with Koch volumetric dosers or Piovan 4-way gravimetric dosers.
The department has a centralized aspiration system by Moretto.

The whole production process, active 24 hours a day, has been designed and developed to ensure not only a significant reduction in costs but also extreme care and attention to the quality of the moulded items.

Some of our moulds are monitored with Kistler sensors for the injection phases and the repeatability of the components.